13 July, 2024
30 September, 2021

There is need for a common agenda for peace and climate

Climate change and environmental degradation are already impacting peace and security in diverse ways. Climate-related security risks have far-reaching implications for the way the world manages peace and security. A conflict where nuclear weapons are used, even on a limited scale, will have a major impact on the earth’s climate.

At the same time, the change needed to transition to greener economies is fraught with risks, but also offers many opportunities to contribute to more peaceful, sustainable societies.

The International Peace Bureau, Olof Palme International Center, and International Trade Union Confederation hereby invite you to join this webinar, which is one of a series of seminars in within the initiative “Common Security 2022”.

01.00 – 02.30 PM (Central European Summer Time)

Register and follow the seminar on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/6191260550916085/?ref=newsfeed

The seminar will also be streamed on Youtube here:

The topic will be discussed by a panel of respected international experts:

Helen Clark
Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Patron of The Helen Clark Foundation. Member of panel of SIPRI initiative “Environment of Peace”.

Ulrich Eberle
Fellow, Future of Conflict, International Crisis Group.

Kumi Naidoo
Global ambassador, Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity.

Margot Wallström
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sweden. Chair of panel of SIPRI initiative “Environment of Peace”.

Moderator: Anna Sundström, Secretary General, Olof Palme International Center

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